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Hay River FireHaven is now accepting members!

To join you must agree with our founding principals, our Mission, Values, and Vision.

We also now have bylaws and policies for you to review. These define the rights and duties of membership, so please review those portions before joining, or the relevant definitions are at page bottom.

Bylaws approved 3/20/2022

Policies and Procedures Document (PPD) approved 3/20/2022

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Membership Type

Family Memberships: Join as a sustainer above, and then add in reduced price memberships for your adult spiritual Kin. You can add the total quantities of each level membership in your Paypal cart, and after payment we will contact you for each Kin Members information.

Kin Memberships

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Member Rights and Benefits:

  • A Guest Member has their rights defined by the event participation.

  • A Supporting Member shall receive notifications of Hay River FireHaven events, and services. They may schedule a visit to the land, and may upgrade their membership at any time, based on their acceptance date. They are welcome at HRFH events as a Guest.

  • A Member Parishioner can participate in any Hay River FireHaven sponsored events or services with payment of any fees. They shall receive notifications of Hay River FireHaven meetings, events, and services. They can seek Council nomination for election or appointment to the Council.

  • A Sustaining Member has the same rights of a Member Parishioner, and may in addition schedule personal spiritual services on the land. They can self nominate for election or appointment to the Council.

  • A Clergy Member has the same rights of a Member Parishioner, and in addition has the right to schedule Hay River FireHaven spiritual events, with approval of the governing Council. They may counsel or teach Member Parishioners on only spiritual matters, and may represent Hay River FireHaven in spiritual matters.

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Member Duties :
  • All Voting members shall accept these duties with membership: They shall sign a membership form, which contains a copy of the HRFH Mission and Values statement in acknowledgement. They shall protect the land from harm, alteration, or removal when on site. Display positive etiquette to all sacred altars and shrines / respect the sanctity of the land, river, and sacred sites. Respect the privacy of other members on the site / of HRFH.

  • A Member Parishioner shall commit to participation in at least one site maintenance day during the year, and to participation in at least one HRFH spiritual event.

  • A Sustaining Member shall commit to participation in at least two site maintenance days during the year, They should learn and be qualified to maintain all site operations (water/waste/ electricity/Fire) or similar in-person or remote tasks (as deemed appropriate by the Council) and be willing to act as a “Host” to guests, when Clergy is not present.

  • A Family Membership holder shall bring their Kin to at least one site improvement day each year.