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Hay River FireHaven has gift incentives for those attending Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise.

These diamond willow Stang, Staff, and Walking Cane blanks were respectfully harvested with sacred offerings from our church land! We are offering these to New Registrants to Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise until June 1st. Select the one you wish and include the item number when you register. For current Registrants, we ask a $25 donation, contact hrfirehaven at gmail. Choice by order of registration or response, details below photo.

Sorry, we cannot ship these, they can be picked up at Hay River FireHaven. Come to our next Spring clean up for the HRFH site on SAT, MAY 21 AT 12 PM and tour the site.

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Diamond Willow is a light weight wood, known for its dark diamond shapes formed at its growth nodes at each branch. When peeled and finished it makes a beautiful, light, and strong tool! These are cut long so you can make them the perfect fit for you.


  1. Stang or Heavy Staff - 80 in. to the Y, 100 in. in total, 1.5in in diameter. This can be cut for a 80 in. staff.

  2. Curved Staff - 96 in. tall, 1-1/8 in. in diameter. Great as a walking stick, too.

  3. Straight Staff - 79 in. tall, 1-1/8 in. in diameter. Pefect for magical work!

  4. Staff - 90 in. tall, 1 in. in diameter. Slight curve and light for easy handling.

  5. Walking Stick or shorten for a Cane - 52 in. tall, 1-1/8 in. in diameter. Fits the hand nicely

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