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Hay River FireHaven is a non profit religious organization formed in December of 2021, to provide a stewarded land and place for Earth-reverent spiritual practice, to build diverse fellowship in a respectful manner, recognizing that the land upon which we worship is our haven. One of our events is Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise.

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We are a diverse group of ten incorporators who all have had sacred experience on this land. We are incorporated in Wisconsin and are working to submit our 501c3 application as a church. We have found unanimity in these founding principals:

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Mission :

To foster and share our relationship with sacred land which we steward and preserve through service, ritual, ceremony, worship and art.

Values :

    Community :
  • We accept and respect spiritual, gender, age, limitations, viewpoint, and all other cultural diversity.
  • We acknowledge experience and talent, and encourage personal growth.
  • We foster beloved community.
  • We enrich our practices with careful study, research, and critical thinking.
  • We honor healthy social, spiritual, and environmental boundaries.

  • Nature :
  • We recognize the intrinsic value of the natural world separate from the human experience.
  • We experience the flowing and evolving force of nature as a conduit for sacred space.
  • We engage in environmentally sustainable practices through re-use, reducing consumption, careful planning, thrift, and innovation.
  • Through our practice on the land, we are reminded that we are an integral part of the natural world.

  • Spirituality :
  • We value Deity as polymorphic, immanent and present.
  • We strive to re-discover cultural and ancestral ways of knowing.
  • We cultivate space for ancestral knowledge, contact, and healing.
  • We value a common fire as often Central to structured worship.

Vision :

  • To become financially self-sustaining.
  • To encourage co-created participation in planning, management, and vision.
  • To create and maintain an infrastructure that encourages year round use.
  • To sponsor specific events with a spiritual focus.
  • To nurture and improve the ecological integrity of the land.
  • To create shrines and temples for deity and worship.
  • To provide a place for retreats, rites of passage, and personal ceremony.
  • To teach and practice rituals for our community and for guests and visitors.
  • To foster and create sacred art in a variety of forms.
  • To establish a method and place for internment of the dead for those who express that wish.
  • To educate and welcome seekers.
  • To be a safe place for confronting cultural and social practices that harms or does not serve humanity.

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