Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise

Thurs, July 13th - Sun, July 16, 2023

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Registered Participants who have experienced a Sacred Fire Circle are invited to write and submit a description of their experience and transformation.

"... a wonderful experience! The people I met were all very friendly, and the energy of the fire, the land, and the group sustained me! "

"...a week end that I will never forget. I forged some new friendships too."

" I learned a whole lot last weekend. About those things and how I relate to Self and then to the world around me. It was a profoundly powerful experience. I came away ... fuller seems like the right word ... than I'd felt in a very long time.

"As profoundly blissful as the sfc afterglow is/was I have a sneaking suspicion the work we do there might just be only the beginning of the alchemical transformation work in our lives. "

"I so value connections with others who are facing their demons and supporting each other in it."

"I could focus on the work of the circle, which for me was about the other side of the equation, reaching out to nurture others."

"I am so very fortunate, getting to share the love and respect that is among us."

" I don't believe I've had that kind of focus for 20 yrs. or more, with extraneous thoughts and worries about the world removed to some distance."

"It really did put you in a different place."

" Beautiful moments. Some inside the circle, some out. I'm going to encourage folks to give this a try next year."

"Friday night I was able to find a place of calm and serenity in myself that I hadn't been to in over a year. It didn't last, but I found it. I know it still exists and I can get there. "

"The entire process, from building the village, sharing meals and chores and building and working with our teams was a great experience. "

"It was, by far, the best transformative group experience I have ever had. "

"...much of the work that has come to me from SFC involves

1.) feeling myself worthy enough to...

2.) stand up and let the world see me as I really am and...

3.) to ask for what I need"

"Just simply knowing that others struggle with the same things is a huge gift "

"... walking into this circle at night, even after helping prepare the circle all day, there was a wow factor that never went away."

"There was so much love shared."