Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise

Thurs, July 13th - Sun, July 16, 2023

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Be Sanctified Each Dawn

A video tour

Do you really mean all night?
    Yes, an evening nap and morning sleep is beneficial, as we greet the sun each morning! The Sacred Fire Circle is essentially a six hour transformative ritual. It may sound daunting but personal working, service, contribution, and variety make a full rich experience pass seemingly too quickly!

Why would I want "transformation" and
what would it look like for me?

Ah.... so just what do we do all night?

We contribute!

     A defined ceremonial protected space is established around the fire and opened by ceremony. Surrounding the internal barrier of the circle is set the village consisting of a food altar, healing structure, transformation structure, and meditation structure. A smaller root fire defines the feminine source. Directional Altars mark the circle. Alchemical Portals of contribution through Rhythm, Movement, Voice, and Service are established. Each is a doorway through which you can access the deep magical potential of the Circle.

Many spend significant time at the center masculine fire; raising energy by walking it, dancing it, chanting, singing, offering words or poetry. Others span the boundaries of the torch lit inner crucible circle, holding the energy raised to concentrate. Participants may randomly pause to feed and care for themselves and others, heal and support, offer rhythm or sound, but all remain within the sacred space. The aim is to remain fully engaged from midnight til dawn in building the energy which is the basis of this transformational ritual. It is not a place to socialize or have casual conversations, or for the use of mind altering or addictive substances. This space is above all things Sacred.

Tiny Venturing Video filmed at SFC in Paradise