Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise

Thurs, July 8th - Sun, July 11th, 2021

    Things to bring:

  • Camping Gear, shade tarp, chair
  • Small Trailers Welcome
  • Ritual garb, good shoes
  • Sound / Percussion tools
  • Finger foods for Fire Circle snacks
  • Song and chant words
  • Additions to the Circle and Altars
  • Personal tools for transformation
  • Towel, swimming gear
  • Food, if a highly restrictive diet!
  • Nicotine Patches / gum if needed

    Things provided:

  • All Meals Are catered by a licensed Chef,   you won't want to have to cook!
  • Limited electric for medical needs
  • Camping, small trailer sites
  • Hot showers, ample Clean portas
  • Circle Station Tents, circle supplies, torches
  • Prepared Fire Circle, firewood, Rangoli supplies
  • Orientation Materials

    Things to leave home!

  • Teens under age 18 and children
  • Un-registered or Animal Friends
  • Electronic Music Devices
  • Drugs or Alchohol!
  • Fire toys or Fireworks
  • Commercial Soap or Glass Containers
  • Plans for personal camp fires
  • Packaging, Pack it in, Pack it out!

*Experienced Fire Circle Participants will be present but are NOT STAFF! This event is completely co-created by the Participants.

For more information contact :
Sacred Fire Circle
in Paradise!

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Sacred Fire Circle
Resources Page
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Event Schedule!

    Advance registration is required, no gate admission and plan to arrive SURE before 6pm Thursday, July 8th !

Thurs, July 8th - Sun, July 11th, 2021

    Sorry, but registration is limited to adults over age 18. We have accommodated many folks with limited mobility, inquire about site suitability for your participation! At registration you can specify food preferences. Nine meals are provided: Thurs.- Dinner, Fri/Sat. - 3 meals, Sun.- Breakfast and Lunch. On average 65% of fees went directly to feed participants five star meals. You will be sent further orientation materials in advance, directions, and info to request your talents, and resources to help co-create this event. Registrants can arrive after 10am on opening day.

    Fees for this event are (sales tax extra) :

  • $125 for the first 15 EARLY registrants These are Taken!
  • $140 - Regular Registration, through June 22nd
  • $150 - Late Registration

  • Refunds are available until July 1st only, minus a $25 service fee!

Village Builders

    Those who can arrive before noon Wednesday, a day early, and participate in village building will experience a deeper connection to the space by preparing and dedicating it at special Wednesday night ceremony. Choose the perfect camp site! Village Builders will be provided meals on their arrival for an additional $10. Plan to arrive by NOON FOR SURE with this option.

The Site:

      The Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise will take place at an established Magical circle of twenty years, located 70 miles from Mpls., MN., 125 miles from Duluth, MN, and 225 miles from Madison, WI. It is located in a wooded, secluded river valley with ample cleared level camping available.


      No specific workshops are offered. A wide variety of wild herbal plants may be toured, and participants can offer teaching circles/workshops spontaneously on site.

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NOTE* If you wish to apply for a scholarship to subsidize up to 50% of your attendance fees, complete the registration form and describe your situation in the 'Additional Information' text box at the bottom of form. We will contact you and discuss your need.

Help get the word out! Please download and print this
Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise .pdf information
Color Poster or 1/4 Page Handout
or this Three Fold Informational Brochure!

*This event is structured to accommodate an intimate and intense transformational experience for limited participants, to preserve the beauty and ecological diversity of the magical land on which it will take place, and to introduce the Sacred Fire Circle to this region. The intention is to support local agriculture, provide a quality experience at a reasonable cost, and develop a core of committed support for future
Sacred Fire Circle experiences.

All registration funds go directly to support and improve this event.

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