Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise

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Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise Payment

Select the appropriate Registration "Add To Cart" button, and a new browser window will open at the Secure Paypal Website. You can add to order quantity in your cart(then click update cart).

Select "Continue Shopping" if adding airport transport, electric, Village Builder, or to donate to help another attend!

Pay at Paypal with a Credit Card, or by direct withdrawal. You will get initial registration confirmation within a few days by email! A full package of orientation materials will be sent by email within 7 days of the event.

Note: Wisconsin 5.5% State Sales Tax is added at checkout.

Welcome Home! Registration closes July 8th

Fire Circle Registration - $150
Add number of adults registering!

No. of Registrants

Join us as an
Early Village Builder
Arrive a day early by Noon!
Add $10 per person
Come Early, Help it grow!

Add Medical Electric

Add Inbound transport from MSP Airport at noon on Thursday, July 11th

Add Outbound transport from site to MSP Airport to arrive at at noon on Sunday July 14th

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Can you help sponsor another to join us?
We use 100% of funds donated to support scholarships to attend, NO sales Tax added!
Donate $10 or more, and we'll send you a braid of sweetgrass harvested from the Circle as a thank you!

Scholarship Donation for SFC in P

The West Circle Altar is a healing place.

It has its own Facebook Community

STOP- Before you finish please Take Our Land Use Survey !

If you are familiar with our "Paradise" out here, PLEASE take our survey to help us make decisions for the future here!
Click LAND USE AT PARADISE to open another window before you leave this page.

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