Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise

Thurs, July 13th - Sun, July 16, 2023

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Explore these resources to learn more about the Sacred Fire Circle experience and prepare for it.
Sacred Fire Circle In Paradise
Event Schedule

Download the 2018 Schedule.pdf To see what a our schedule looks like!
NOTE: Main Circle breakdown
at Dawn on Sunday,
all participate!

The Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise is designed to create a safe environment, free from distraction and intoxicants, within which we commit ourselves to a midnight-to-dawn experience of creativity and artful interaction.

Our practice is to mindfully engage with each other as a way to discover more about ourselves, our relationships, and our own highest vision.

Doing ceremony together,
We become the ceremony
Doing ceremony together

This event has NO STAFF! We all become staff upon arrival and create the event, rituals, ceremonies, workshops, and any programming!

The Portals
Specific to the Sacred Fire events, are the portals. There is a portal for each of the four directions. The portals help us to engage in the community and with the energy of the Sacred Fire Circle. The four portals are Voice, Music, Movement, and Service....

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The Alchemical Process
    The alchemical transformation process and how it can relate to the work we do at the fire circle, by JRob.
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Fire Circle Etiquette
    How we do what we do....
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