Paradise Land Planning Survey

Building a Future in Paradise.

Judy and I have spent much of our lifetimes building a place to appreciate the beauty around us, and find a context within that for worship. We have touched the lives of hundreds of people through events here, but really it was the land, cliffs, and river that reached inside them. As we enter retirement, we realize this place may be a larger asset to the community it has impacted than the benefit its liquidation could generate for our descendants. We are looking at ways to formally set aside a portion of our landed assets to be used and enjoyed by Pagans after we have passed. We have access to a modest retirement fund, our Social Security, and our only debt is a small home equity loan on our current assets.

We have these concerns and dreams in looking forward:

  • We have provided enough for ourselves in retirement.
  • We want to keep aside a basic inheritance for our children drawn from our current assets.
  • We want some of our assets to remain in the hands of nature worshiping people in perpetuity.
  • We cannot perpetually fund a financial endowment to sustain and maintain assets we donate into the future once we are gone.
  • We look to those who would use our assets to join and work together to support the land as a community space.

We have talked to an attorney who is willing to work with us to legally structure whatever we decide upon. Among options we are exploring are a non-profit, a trust, or a church. They suggested we refine our vision of what we want the future here to look like, and then take a year or more to “try it out”. If there is no community that sees enough of a benefit to actively use, and financially support a landed project like this, whatever we we envision is likely to fail in the long term.

What we wish you to consider, and reply to, is your potential use of these available resources, located 65 minutes from downtown St. Paul, MN in Western Wisconsin.

  • Campground Space:
  • We have a space with a temporary campground permit, good for 25 sites (up to four people at each). These are “tenting” sites though several pull trailers can be accommodated with 110 electric only. Its use can include access to electricity, and potable water. Sanitary must be through rental portas. We provide site maintenance and firewood. There are many community size shelter tents available for use. Kitchen facilities could be available for meal catering. The site is private and can be clothing optional. If this “land” space eventually becomes a separate entity there is a need for a permanent campground permit, to provide separate electric and water service, and potentially to build a summer kitchen/storage/and “bunk house” building on this land through fund raising
  • Retreat Center Space:
  • We also have indoor space in our home that could potentially be used for a retreat/workshop space. This could include a large kitchen area, comfortable dining for 10 -12 people, a 14 x 28 community (“living”) room, a 14 x 28 “Temple” room for rituals or classes, one bedroom, and enough room in these spaces for “flop mattress” type overnight sleeping.

In the long term, as we age, finding a person(s) willing to take on a caretaker role of the existing grounds and facilities will be essential. We have both a ceramic and jewelry studio that could offer production space to a craftsperson, if this possibility interests you.

Please complete the following survey and return it to us, whether you may be interested in use of our “paradise” in 2019, or a later year. We also need your individual or group vision of possible participation to create a sustainable Pagan landed project. Please contact us directly and share your thought and ideas with us!

Paradise Usage Survey Definitions:

Campground use would include access to a single 20amp electric, potable water hose and outdoor shower, a single 10 x 20 tent, and wood for a community fire. Options might include additional electric lines, extra tents, firewood, tiki torches, and access to kitchen facilities, or indoor space. Porta rentals are $120 or $140 disability access each per weekend. Available April 15th - October 31st.

Indoor Retreat Center use would include use of kitchen facilities, bathroom/shower, living room with fireplace, temple room, and one bedroom. House residents would likely be present elsewhere in the house, so this may not be completely private.

Here is the survey, If you refresh the page in your browser after sending, you can repeat for different involvement types (Individual, groups, several groups).

Thanks so much... Keep in touch! N&J